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Welcome to the authoritative resource online for locating the ultimate massage in Tokyo. Many visitors to Japan these days seek out a Tokyo spa after a busy day of tourism. The fact is, Tokyo girls are naturally skillful at masseuse services, and the versatility of Japanese massage girls is almost legendary throughout Asia. Whether you seek a Shiatsu therapeutic massage, a hot oil rubdown, or a happy ending massage in Tokyo, chances are great of finding relief. You’re about to discover all the secrets of massage in Tokyo by perusing the materials we’ve organized for you.

Japan parlours cater to a variety of customer needs.

Japan’s Rich Massage Culture

Japan has a rich history of therapeutic massage, and today it’s as popular as ever. Most notably, Shiatsu massage techniques originated here, and visitors can also easily find Thai, bamboo, or oil massages if desired. Shiatsu being the most famous (and only regulated massage variety in Japan), it involves strategic manipulation of pressure points similar to acupressure. In a Shiatsu massage, the energy points aren’t mearly stimulated, they’re stretched or worked more vigorously. Although it’s not for everyone, many experts like Suzuki Yamamoto have taken the art to a whole new level by introducing a “walking” method which will of course apply much more pressure to the meridians. Visitors to Japan often seek out an authentic Shiatsu massage from a licensed therapist, and no place in the world is better for this than Japan!

Japanese Massage Options

Besides Shiatsu, many people also seek out a standard Thai massage or oil massage, neither of which is regulated in Japan and can both be found quite easily. Many shopping districts contain at least one unlicensed parlour for a quick, stress-relieving rubdown, and locals often utilize these massage parlours for simple convenience. Of course, many men also seek out a full body massage in Japan like elsewhere, and the pink salon (pinsaro) parlour is often the place one finds such services. These parlours of course don’t advertise their services, so it’s best to use word of mouth if one seeks such services.

Tokyo Massage Center offering Shiatsu massage.

Traditional Shiatsu Massage

By far the most common massage technique in Japan is still the Shiatsu massage. If you’re unfamiliar with this therapy type, it focuses on “meridian points”. By correctly stimulating these strategic energy centers throughout the body, the Shiatsu therapist is able to accomplish three things:

  • Restore optimal balance to the body
  • Re-energize tired muscle groups
  • Improve blood flow, especially to limbs

Western Massage Techniques

Western massage varieties have also earned favour in Japan. Swedish massage therapists can be found in most of the business center spas & hotels, and are often requested by westerners. A Swedish massage therapist will focus on relieving muscle groups through stroking and circling wear points, and pay particular attention to the client’s reaction to various test strokes. In this way, they’re able to target precise areas of the body to restore health through muscle tension release techniques. The Swedish technique is particularly effective for those seeking relief after a strenuous activity or sporting event.

Whichever massage variety you seek in Japan, you probably won’t find a culture that so embraces the therapeutic arts. So whether you’re tired from a long day of sightseeing, a hard day at the office, or just want to experience an authentic Shiatsu massage, Tokyo is an excellent place to be!

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