Massages in Tokyo Exposed!

Tokyo spa parlours attract tens of thousands of visitors each year, and with good reason. Local massages offer sensual delights not often seen in the west, dream parlours offering up services from eager girls imported from both Asia and Eastern Europe to meet this GROWING demand.

Tokyo Scam Parlour Warnings!

There ARE some pitfalls that Japan newcomers should beware of. Tourist trap massage parlours continue to rake customers for hundreds before ejecting them – and authorities rarely help these victims. Spa customers should use caution and only visit establishments personally referred to them.

Tokyo soapy massage parlours are still increasing in popularity.

The WORST part of parlours in Tokyo isn’t usually the massage itself – it’s the grueling challenges of finding them. You can easily waste hours online researching outdated message forums & sorting through ad after ad. And even though we KNOW the girls pictured on the massage and escort websites are only models, we’re forced to filter through them, hoping for that one “dream” parlour. As all men here quickly realize – when it comes to massage, Tokyo is also one of the world’s most confusing places!

Who Else Wants A Happy Ending Massage?

When it comes to sensual services, Tokyo matches any city in the world. Whether it’s quality, variety, or selection you will discover that Tokyo’s offerings simply cannot be beat. BUT: There is a HUGE difference though between touristy parlours and the cat houses the pros enjoy, as you’ll soon discover.

Tokyo Insider Reveals All!

In order to empower even new Tokyo visitors to explore the ultimate parlours fast & easy, local guru Rodney Smithers released his tell-all Massage in Tokyo Guide. Rodney quickly brings you up to speed and into the game in Tokyo, perhaps faster than any other way. But his guide ISN’T for everyone! Stag groups and other large parties should probably look into Tokyo’s party tours. Plenty of guides there can show you a festive atmosphere and some include brothels or parlours on their crawls.

ALSO: If you seek legitimate therapeutic massage services in Tokyo, Smither’s advice will be of little use. After all, Rodney focuses on parlours offering “extras”. If you ARE a man who is visiting Tokyo, looking to get into this action yourself – Rodney DOES deliver that, fast & easy. What else will you discover inside?

Tokyo steam parlours are both legendary and memorable.

  • Sniff Out The Hottest local girls like a bloodhound
  • Skip past ripoff parlours – those are for TOURISTS!
  • Enjoy no-limits in the Tokyo’s ultimate parlours
  • Put an end to WASTED hours online searching & finally join the savvy men NOW enjoying Tokyo’s finest girls!

The Massage in Tokyo Guide makes it easy for you to jump right into the action. If you’re in Tokyo for a limited time and can’t arrange a personal tour, his FULL updated Guide is available for instant download below for only €99 Limited Time Offer! €37, and you can stop back anytime for the latest updates. And now the BEST part: once you put his pdf ebook onto your mobile device your adventures in Tokyo are completely unleashed – you will have the experts advantage always with you! To begin your Tokyo massage adventures click below now.

Updated August 2018!

PS. Remember – be sure to put this pdf Guide into your smartphone right away! If you can’t access it you’ll be just another lost tourist! 🙂