One Man’s Journey into Tokyo Spa Pleasures

As my plane touched down in Tokyo, I wasn’t altogether ignorant on the landscape that awaited me. Although this was my first journey to Japan, I had read about the history of fuzoku and was more than ready to take part. As a freelance journalist, the technology story I was working on brought me to Japan. As a man, my innermost desires and curiosity brought me a bit further.

Ever since my young & single days, Japanese women seemed to have a certain stately yet erotic image in my mind. I’m not sure why, but perhaps their tact and decency amplified their appeal somehow. In either case, I was more than ready for my “after hours” adventures to begin, and Tokyo seemed like a universe to me, one which I was anxious to discover and map out for myself.

Since my scheduled visit was to last several weeks, I decided to gradually descend into Japanese sex services, to gain full insight and perhaps catch some perspective that eludes most western men.

Based on my previous research, I decided to start my journey in the Kanagawa prefecture, in which discrete pleasures are commonly found in body washing salons along the side alleys. Although paid intercourse services are considered illegal in Japan, the body to body contact allows the girls to rub their soapy or lotioned breasts against the customer’s body, and hand contact is not only allowed but the Japanese girls have perfected the skill. . .almost making an art out of fully satisfying without intercourse.

My early visits to the washing parlours were so satisfying, in fact, that I almost went no further. Tokyo massage girls proved more satisfying than I had ever imagined, and yet I was only scratching the surface of the options available in Tokyo.

To Be Continued. . .